Pain in the coccyx can be caused by a number of reasons. Among them are injuries, diseases of the rectum and organs included in the urinary system. Pain in the coccyx can be a sign of inflammatory processes in the joint between the coccyx and the sacrum, or the abdomen.

To identify the causes of pain in the coccyx, it is necessary to pay attention to her character. It can be aching and spasmodic, blunt and sharp, localized or spreads to other places, and appearing under the influence of external factors. For example, coccygodynia (pain in the coccyx) can be caused by pressure on this area sitting in an uncomfortable position, or having long time in the toilet. If the affected sciatic nerve a burning and a sharp pain will roll attacks.

To combat the pain you can use the General recommendations. For example, do some special exercises. Lie on your back, spreading his legs, bend them at the knees. Place the hands on their inner side. Connect the knees, while providing resistance opposing the movement of the knees and hands. Perform each exercise eight to ten times with a break of 10 seconds between each.

To perform the following exercises lying on your back, hold that between your bent knees the ball. Squeeze it for 5 seconds, preventing the protrusion of belly with hands. Do this exercise six to eight times at intervals of 10 seconds. Experts recommend also straighten the legs and clamping the ball between the feet. Squeeze it in for 5 – 7 minutes, and exercise to perform six to eight times. Perform all exercises in a quiet pace, at least twice a day.

If the tailbone pain continues to bother you, you first need to abandon the jumping, running, fast walking and the sudden change of body position. Avoid tilting the torso forward and do not sit for a long time.