The easiest and most affordable option – payment via payment terminals. Look under "Television" logo "Tricolor TV", press it. Select the package that you wish to pay. Then enter the 12-digit ID number of your receiver, it is necessary to record in advance and make the necessary amount.
To know its ID, press the "Menu" button on the remote of the receiver, select "Status". At the bottom of the window that appears will contain the ID of your receiver. Be careful when recording ID and a data entry terminal! Note the terminal Commission payment needs to consider.
You can pay the "Tricolor TV" in the salons of communication (Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS) and retail chains (Eldorado, etc.).
For payment using electronic payment systems WebMoney go to:
Enter the ID of the receiver, select the package and enter the desired amount. The cost of the packages look here:
For payment through the payment system follow the link:
Log in to your account, scroll to "TV". In it, select payment services "Tricolor TV" and follow the instructions.
If you have KIWI-wallet (QIWI), you can use to pay for them to do this, follow the link: and then select the "Tricolor TV".
You can pay TV package by credit card Visa or MasterCard, simply follow the link and follow the instructions:
To pay for the services "Tricolor TV" is possible from the cell phone bill, to do this follow the link:
Select "How to pay" and follow the instructions.
To pay the "Tricolor TV" you can use the card, purchase it in shops that sells sets of equipment for satellite reception.