Of course, to become a top Manager, you need to have a higher education. And it is desirable to have two of them: one on your profession, and the second in personnel management and organizations. To enter the second high school you may have during work. Important after the first Institute, or University to work. Then you will have more chances to become a top Manager.
Otherwise you risk getting stuck in horizontal career. This means that one changes one field after another, gets related posts, but not growing up. This development is good for people with diverse interests and to expand your professional sphere. But if you focus on a leadership position and don't want to spend to receive a few dozen years, you need to specialise and work on improving.
If you do not want to reduce the choice of companies in which you could make a career only to domestic firms, learn the English language. Good level of a foreign language will give you advantage over other candidates for a promising place in a European company. It will be great if you learn not one, but two and more foreign languages. Remember that building a career you this is very useful.
Even if you graduated with honors from prestigious universities, do not assume that employers will fight over you and immediately offer you a leadership position. Not less and sometimes even more owners of red certificates, the company valued those who already have experience. So try to get on the field during the last years of the Institute part-time. Combining the best study and work will not be easy, but then you will be able to present not only the diploma, but the entry in the workbook. It is not excluded that the company in which you will work during training, at graduation, will invite you to a permanent job.
After receiving the initial position in the company, you need to prove yourself. This can be done in different ways. Some staff very responsive, conscientious attitude to work and successfully cope with large amounts. Others demonstrate ability to accept responsibility, exercise initiative and creativity, they are in no hurry to carry out the assignment, but first think about how to simplify the process. Surely you've realized what type of worker is more likely to expect an increase. If you are good work, but not ready to take on more than others, if you do not see the overall situation of the company where you work, because you don't want to look beyond their responsibilities, you have little chance to break out in the leaders.
Remember that a top Manager should look, speak and behave accordingly. Therefore, it is better not to relax and improve your business skills, think about what things make up your wardrobe, and not to spoil their reputation.