Garden var: recipe No. 1

Heat separately 1 kg of nigala, 1 kg of rosin and 1 kg of wax. Then gently pour in hot nigral paraffin and rosin. Mix everything carefully. Let the mass cool down and then lay her on the banks.

Garden var: recipe No. 2

Prepare the pork fat, resin and wax. Required to rent them at a ratio of 1:4:1, respectively. Melt the fat. It must be fresh and definitely unsalted. Add powdered rosin and wax. Melt the mixture on fire and boil for 20 minutes. After hardening wrap a garden var in plastic wrap, waxed paper or raspakujte banks.

Garden var: recipe No. 3

Melt 1 kg of rosin. It must pound. Mix the resin with 250 ml of natural linseed oil. Melt 5 kg of paraffin, and then pour into it a lot with rosin and linseed oil. Mix everything and store in a warm room.

Garden var: recipe No. 4

Melt on low heat the wax and propolis in the ratio of 3:2. Shalt rosin (6 parts) and add to the mixture. All boil. After cooling the mixture pour turpentine (1 part) and stir. Immediately before use, knead a garden var hands.

How to make garden var itself: an important caveat

Some gardeners believe that the more will be part of an improvised Vara natural oils, the fatter and better putty. However, fatter is not better. Soft options with a high fat content will easily burn in the sun on a hot day. The result is fat "streams" that will clog the pores of the cortex and will not let her breathe. While dark spots Vara will heat the bark up to a critical temperature and will burn.