The Russian people accepted respect for the dead and their graves. Religious duty of love for the deceased every living person is not only seeing, but also the maintenance of graves in proper condition. The cemetery decided to go in certain parent days. However, there is a tradition of visiting graves on the day of the Holy Trinity.

The Orthodox man is not a day of the Holy Trinity to be at the cemetery. This decision of the Church based on the fact that the feast of Pentecost (Holy Trinity day) all believers should be in Church and participate in the celebration of worship. On the day of the Holy Trinity, I recall the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles. This event is otherwise referred to as the birthday of the Church. It's time for a living, so there is no grief and sorrow. That is the Trinity, an Orthodox man turns to God with prayers in the temple, asks God's grace to strengthen their mental and bodily powers.

Some confuse the Trinity parent Saturday and the day of the Holy Trinity. It's completely different days. In the Christian tradition, a trip to the cemetery must be carried out at the memorial Saturday before Pentecost. It's time for the commemoration of the dead and cleaning their graves.

Everyone who considers himself a Christian, should know that for the Trinity to go to the cemetery impossible. To visit their departed loved ones on the eve of a must - Trinity parent Saturday.