The trivial solution bath can be used as a water tank. But using your imagination you can come up with more interesting and unusual use of the bath.

So, for example the bath can be used as a flower garden on the site. This requires the outer side of the tub elevate, it can be dyed bright colors or to lay tile. Then the bath must be filled with earth and planted in it the plants.


Also on a country site it is possible to build the pond out of the bath. To do this you need to dig a hole that will fit the size of the bath. Then pour a layer of sand of about 15 cm, the Bath should be treated with cure rust, close the drain. Lower the tub into the hole, the edges covered with soil. At the edge of the bath, you can lay the stones for planting. The bathtub should be filled with water, which should be changed once in two weeks.


Another option is using the bathroom at the cottage is to make it a fountain. For this you need to purchase a fountain and install it in the bathroom.


And the most labor-intensive and unusual idea of using the bathroom - to use it to build furniture at their summer cottage. For this you need to cut a portion of the bath, set her on steady legs, treated with antiseptic and paint in the desired color. On the bottom of the tub can make a small mattress.