You will need
  • - sledgehammer;
  • - angle grinder with abrasive disk;
  • - a large piece of canvas;
  • protection sunglasses;
  • respirator;
  • wear ear protection;
  • services, special services.
If you are doing the apartment renovation and plan to expand the room to "move" the walls, including the bathroom, to take out a cast iron tub without any problems. Moreover, if there is some physically strong men, you live on the first or second floor. The situation is more complicated if the wall break is not planned, in the doorway she passes, physical strength is not enough to lift this sucker, and you live on the fifth floor. But do not despair, in this case, the output is always there.
Stock up on tools such as angle grinder and a sledgehammer. If further use of the bath is not planned, then the easiest way is to break it open, and then, not particularly straining to make the pieces to the dump.
Be sure to wear a respirator and goggles, when cutting and breaking the cast will crumble and fly off in different directions. To reduce such side effects, cover the tub on top of a large piece of tarpaulin and operate through the fabric.
As the sound that will make your sledgehammer and an angle grinder when breaking bath is very sharp and loud, have special protective headphones, notify the home and neighbors, so they get the noise did not become an unpleasant surprise. Tightly close the door of the room in which you will cut the tub. Otherwise the walls of the apartment covered with dust and difficult to wash rust.
Before you start to hit the hammer on the bathtub, make her roll a few cuts with the grinder. Discs for grinders it is best to take the abrasive, they cope with the task much better.
Once you have made a few cuts with a grinder (about half or slightly greater than the height of the bath), take a hammer and carefully but hard hit the sides several times. Usually they start to break away, and you will be taken your old tub.
If this method is something you are not satisfied, contact the special services involved in your city's recycling of old baths. Maybe they won't even want to cut into it, and, for example, if it does not pass through the doorway of the bathroom, and other doors without problems (determined by measurements) carefully Unscrew the doors leading to the bathnd room, and make cast-iron products.