The most effective assistants in these cases are special limiting programs developed by experts in the field of programming and computer science and is designed to control access to the network. Install on your computer KidsControl, Kaspersky Internet Security and/or Norton Internet Security. With these programs you can restrict access to unfavorable information resources according to different categories, such as adult sites, online casinos and games.
Indicate with a tick the category of resources to which access plan to limit. New versions of the above programs also provide the ability to set the control children's access to Internet by days or by hours.
According to the developers of these programs, the functionality of the web filter is based on so-called database with several million sites. To the categories filter can be attributed to music sites and videos.
Limit your children's access to unwanted websites by connecting children's tariff plan, which is offered by Internet service providers. It exists in two variants: for an audience aged six to ten years and from ten to fourteen. For each age group are given access only to those resources that have passed the expert assessment of the National node of Internet security and are protected from malicious content.
Give the kid more time. Spent many hours at the computer, the younger child seeks answers to questions many of the questions that often parents just don't have the time. Organize family trips to the cinema, trips on the nature, play with him Board games. It is the lack of communication creates the need to spend time on the Internet, communicating in social networks. Limit your child to look for answers on different websites, replace it with a virtual circle in a full relationship of parents and children.