To change the type of file you need to change its extension. This is a special letter code, which comes after the file name and separated from it by a dot. For example, in the file name Myfile.DOC the extension is DOC. This extension Windows determines that the file is a document that can be opened with the associated programs, e.g. MS Word or WordPad.

How to change the file extension?

Usually the extension change is not necessary because Windows automatically assigns it to the file for a successful open using the appropriate program. If rashly to change the extension, the file may cease to open. However, sometimes change can be useful, for example, if you change the text file extension. TXT to. HTML extension, the system will be to take it to a web file, and it will be available to open through the browser.

Make sure that the system files show extensions. To activate them, go to "folder options". This section is under "control Panel". Uncheck the checkbox next to "Hide extensions system files. Right-click the mouse on the file you want to modify and select "Rename". Remove the file extension after the dot in the title and enter new, then press Enter. You will see a warning the operating system about the fact that changing the extension may cause malfunction of the file. If you are confident in your actions and know that it can be opened in one of the installed programs on your computer, click Yes to confirm the operation. So you can change the file type.

How to see what programs are associated with file extension?

Installed on the computer program is designed to open one or more certain types of files depending on their extension. If your computer has multiple programs that can open files of the same type, one of them is installed by default. To change the program that automatically opens the file after double-clicking on it, click on the file, right click and select "Properties". Click the link to Change the default program and select the appropriate one from the list.

Remember that in Windows 7 the file name is limited to 260 characters. In addition, when specifying the name it is forbidden to use symbols "\","/","?","*",""",">","<", "|".