Advice 1: How to train yourself to develop your mental abilities

Willpower directly affects mental and physical development of man. If a person is to approach something without it, it has little what happens.

Try day by day to develop your mental skills it is in the interests of each person. We are not talking about how to immediately grab on to the study of the techniques of quantum physics in the hope that the level of intelligence after that will rise to an unprecedented level. The speech will be about how to move in the right direction to improve their mental capacity, their individual way. How exactly, everyone decides for himself.

Basic step to develop their hidden potential is actually a strength of will. It will power creates in man his rod, which does not allow him to bend under the weight of life's problems and always clearly and efficiently assess what is happening around. Will power will help shape the demand for knowledge and skills.

By force of will in the person practicing such qualities as resistance to stress, perseverance, diligence, punctuality. The acquisition and retention of these qualities at a decent level allows you to better perceive and assimilate useful information from the surrounding world. Also a useful read professional and classic literature, listening to classical music and is able to Refine the aesthetic taste, and also increase our level of intelligence. Communication with intelligent and interesting people will give you food for thought and knowledge about their living experience.

In the same way is the study of the lives of intelligent and gifted people in the world. Intellectual games are able to develop logical thinking, which in life, we often comes in handy. The study of foreign languages is very beneficial for the work processes of our brain. As you can see, options abound. You can be gifted in all ways from birth, and you can train yourself to develop the skills of your intelligence all of these methods and be no worse, and may even be better.

Advice 2: How to develop logical thinking

Logical thinking — the ability to reason and draw conclusions — can and should be developed in children from an early age. The ability to think logically, to analyze and to draw conclusions useful both in childhood and in adult life. The development of logical thinking and imagination leads to the fact that a person begins to think outside the box.
How to develop logical thinking
You will need
  • Board games (chess, checkers, dominoes, etc.), a collection of logical and mathematical tasks, a pen, a sheet of paper, themed pictures
Encourage your child to Express their opinions, evaluate events, to speculate. Learning to think logically, the child will begin to do the same.Start the phrase and let the child finish. For example: "the Car can go, because... , "warm outside, because... , "If you cut your finger, then...
Play chess. This game, which has a history of several thousand years, teaches us not only to develop logic, but also to develop a strategy, to be patient, attentive, guessing the opponent's moves and analyze the current on field situation.
Buy a collection of entertaining problems. Solving them is interesting to both adults and children. In addition to problems in the development of logic, there are also tasks with the trick, where is the solution that first comes to mind is unlikely to be correct.
Practice to make a logical chain. Ask the child to draw a circle, square, triangle and then repeated the following sequence of geometric figures several times. Ensure that the baby does not violate the desired consistency.
Pay attention to mathematical games and tasks. Logic and mathematics are closely linked, mastering the science, a child will certainly possess the other. Solution of tasks for compliance, the passage of mazes, preparation of logical chains also contributes to the development of logic.
Ask the child to sort in a specific order pictures depicting the actions of some of those characters. It can be fragments of a familiar kid fairy tales, or just a set of scenes in which there is a clear logical sequence.
Do not force your child to do if he's not in the spirit. Postpone solving puzzles and entertaining problems as long as the baby does not appear mood.
Useful advice
Play puzzle games should be interesting and fun. To achieve this, add the element of competition to the game. Solve puzzles one is boring.
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