Advice for men

Well pick the color scheme of the shirt. Dark jeans are good in almost all colors. But with the light jeans look good white shirt. And if a business suit is matched only plain shirt, with jeans you can wear a shirt any prints and colors: stripe, polka dot and so on. As for styles, with jeans also look good different options: trousers, tucked in shirt, Polo-shirt and so on.

When selecting a shirt pay attention to its length. If you are going to tuck it inside the pants, choose a longer model with a straight hem. If your attention to attract shirt with rounded lower edges, it should be worn untucked. As a rule, shirt, trousers should be to the level of the pelvis. Too long lines may seem ridiculous to others.

Low boys and men it is best to tuck in your shirt in jeans: it makes the figure are proportional. While tall shirt untucked looks very sexy. If overweight you should not choose a shirt that fits very tightly. Better to buy a shirt of soft fabric, but she doesn't have to be lengthy. Also, remember that when a protruding stomach you'll look like a bell. So use a belt with jeans.

Recommendations for women

Women and girls should know that classic office shirts look much better with pants. Therefore, the selection of shirts to jeans you can show a maximum of fantasy. Shirt with colorful prints to wear trousers - it makes the image casual and natural. To skinny jeans pick a shirt in a checkered or flowered.

As men, dark jeans need to choose a dark shirt, and light jeans light. With wide jeans look good fitted shirt. In order not to violate the proportions of the figure, also note the length of the shirt. Full girls should give preference to shirts untucked. A common misconception that using a shirt and jeans it is impossible to create a festive look. Enough to choose jeans with a high waist, and for them to wear romantic shirts with ruffles or frill.

So, it is enough to know a few simple rules and you'll always be dressed beautifully and tastefully.