You will need
  • - Internet;
  • program Everest.
Find out your motherboard model. Without turning off the computer, this can be done through the utility of DirectX by typing dxdiag in the window main menu item "Run". The model of the computer in the first tab will be the model of your motherboard. Can also download the program Everest and view the details of the model of the video card installed in your computer.
Go to the website of the manufacturer. To find the official website of the manufacturer, type in the search engine the name of the Board manufacturer, say MSI or Gigabyte, and one of the first links. Look on the manufacturer's website page for your motherboard. This can be done through the search on the site or through the catalogue. Find Drivers Download and navigate to the appropriate page.
Find the link to download the drivers for the usb controller. For modern motherboards, this driver usually comes with the system drivers and chipset — look for the description of the word System or specifically a USB Host Controller. Download suggested files, drawing attention to the choice of operating system. Save the files on your computer's hard disk, creating separate folder. Typically, these files can still be useful when installing the operating system or some other fault.
Install the driver. To do this unzip the downloaded archive and run the installation by double-clicking on the Setup file. To start the installation from "device Manager". If your computer suddenly stopped working with usb devices, it may be a sign of corrupted system files or hardware fault of the motherboard. If you've reset the BIOS, check if you have turned the usb controller by default.