You will need
  • - the programmer.
Find computer stores in your city a special set for refilling ink cartridges Epson. This set includes ink or toner, and a special device to reset the chip – programmer.
Remove the cartridge from the printer and open the manual to the programmer. Read it carefully. Please note that the sequence of actions depends on the model of your cartridge, so even if you have previously performed a reset other Epson cartridges, in this case can be applied completely different course of action.
Following the instructions, do the reset the chip cartridge. Place it toner, pre-clearing the container and other internal parts with a cloth. If you do not, the print quality will suffer, the documents will appear streaks, stains, etc.
Use also another version of the kit for refilling cartridges for Epson, which includes the toner (or ink for inkjet printers) and the replacement chip. Also included is a detailed instruction on replacement of the chipset on the new, carefully follow her. Since this is a fairly complex operation, it is best to perform in the presence of a person familiar with the service of copy technics. After replacing the chipset pour the toner into the cartridge, make a sample print of the document.
If you have the skills radio, assemble the programmer yourself. For this you can use the information from this portal If you are not sure that you will be able to produce a reset of the chipset, contact the specialists of service centers. The use of damaged or improperly zeroed cartridges leads to breakage of the printer. Also, the use of perenapravlenie cartridges denies your warranty on the printer.