Containers used in the system of continuous submission of ink, you must fill in ink the color of which is indicated on each vial and the container. Be careful not to mix colors in order to avoid incorrect mixing colors later.
Using a syringe, pump out the air to turn out all the cartridges through the exit opening by tilting the container at 45 degrees. Pumping air will create a vacuum in the cartridges and they are filled with ink.
Disconnect the printer from the mains, remove the installed cartridges. After removal of the cartridges remove the back cover print cartridge to install the system. Insert the cartridges, CISS is connected to, the carriage of the printer. Place the loop of the tubes on the cartridges and attach the rack tubing on the second left cartridge Cyan, adjust the length of the tubing, respectively. The optimal length when you move the carriage left and right, until the loop hangs and does not interfere with the movement of the carriage.
External the ink tanks must be installed on the same level with the printer. Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on at the mains. As when changing the cartridge the printer will automatically do cleaning the print head nozzles. When the cleaning process is complete, send a test page to the printer. If some nozzles are not stamped fully (there is banding), make cleaning the print head nozzles through the driver options of your printer, let it rest for 40-60 minutes and then print a test page. Perhaps these actions will have to be repeated 2-3 times for complete removal of air from the printhead.