You will need
  • - programmer;
  • - program firmware.
Get a programmer to reset the chips cartridge. You can find them in computer shops, convenience stores, service copy machines, and special service centers. Programmer to do, however, mention that his build is a long process that requires special skills. There you can buy a new chip for your cartridge if you don't want to do the flashing, but the replacement chip is also a difficult process.
Open a browser, search the Internet, the firmware program by entering the model of your cartridge in the search bar. Install the program, open the manual for your programmer. Please read it before to reset the chip. Please note that some of them complete can go software, in this case, the download of additional tools is not required.
Acting according to the instructions of the programmer, run the reflashing of the chip on your cartridge. If you are not sure that you will be able to do it without errors, refer to the services of specialists in special service centers for servicing copiers, which not only change and reset the chips. But also can perform the full process of refilling your cartridge.
After flashing the cartridge, clean it from residual toner, in order to avoid dark bands when printing. Fill the new toner, keep in mind that it must be no more than 60 grams for a starter cartridge, and 80 grams for the average as it goes into the remainder.
When refilling cartridges Samsung printer scx-4200 be especially attentive to the small details, because in the future it will be difficult to get a new one. Refill choose only the toner, which corresponds to the model of your cartridge.