What is the scale of Rapport

The Rapoport price list, as it is called, the scale Rappoport, is the oldest and quite a popular publication, which is a price indicator for such a beautiful and precious stone like a diamond.

The first edition of this scale was presented in 1978. It is called in honor of its developer, Martin RAPAPORT. Yes, of course, this price list has some flaws, but nonetheless it is used by most sellers of diamonds in the world.

Scale presents itself in the form of two sheets with prices. The first sheet is placed on the cost of the round stones, and the second, respectively, on the cut "Pear" and other varieties of fancy handle material.

How to use the scale Rapoport

For the calculation of the value of the diamonds shall be based on the highest estimated cost of a similar stone that is ready to put the sellers or dealers for their customers. This means that each time the value of a diamond is subjective is reviewed. The price shown is on the rocks, according to a scale ranging from 0.01 carat and goes up to 10.99 carat, if the cut grade of the stone meets the condition of "very good" (Very Good).

Stones with excellent cut (Excellent) will cost 10 or 20% more.

The value of a gemstone is determined by its carat (according to the expert) multiplied by the price per carat for a stone of this class. So, for a 1 carat you can get up to hundreds of dollars.

Price list for Rapport scale consists of 18 tables in which all values are set by weight. Moving between these values, it is possible to observe an increase in value on diamonds, starting with 20% and ending at 40%. For example, if you take a diamond stone weight in carat G class\VS1, which is worth about 8 thousand dollars, the stone weight of 1.5 carats will cost 11 thousand dollars. When this income is added to the so-called prize, when there is transition from one weight to another position, the award is 35%.

If you want to calculate the "net" cost of the diamond, should be based on a table from the directory Rapoport, where the calculation is in USD per 1 point. Meanwhile, to find out how much the diamond you need the numbers from the corresponding row of the classifier is multiplied by 100 points, so one carat equaling 100 points.

As you can see, the very scale Rapoport is a kind of directory for dealers. But not always according to this scale it is possible to sell the benefits of uncut diamonds.