What happens May 8

Elderly people punctured on the hands of the numbers that they put in the concentration camps of the Nazis, come to Germany from many countries around the world on may 8. Sometimes they lay flowers to the monuments and memorials.

Wehrmacht veterans that are left alive don't have their own committees, clubs or councils. They almost don't get together because they have nothing to discuss. Most of them participated in the war as a result of pressure and powerful propaganda.

Often in Berlin, you can watch people with St. George ribbons, Russian or tourists. The locals neither admiration nor humiliation to the heroism of the Russian soldier not to Express, many of them still remember how the soldiers of the USSR, the UK and the USA have turned 5 years of their country in the occupied territory, because until 1949 in Germany was not even governments. Modern public opinion is that treat it solely as a historical fact, not condemning and not welcoming of the incident.

Neither the 8th nor the 9th of may in Germany, there are magnificent parades, such as in Russia, all is calm, peacefully, for the Europeans these days are not festive, and memorable. Occasionally on television in this day can show a war film, the cable channels have the right to broadcast the Victory parade held in Moscow, but does it only in Russian Kartina.TV.

With regard to the monuments in honor of the fallen during the World war II soldiers and in memory of the civilians, they pretty much installed in Germany. In addition, all the memorials are well maintained, and this not only before may 8, the Germans are a nation, which is very gentle on to any memories.

May 8 – memory at the family level

Mainly about the events of the Second World war, the Germans have not openly discussed. They honor their dead loved ones, but at the family level. So, most people just try to gather on this day to communicate to view the photo albums, maybe to visit the graves (if any).

By the way, the history of War in schools is taught very objectively and restrained. The curriculum provides for the passage of the chronology of battles, analysis of the political situation in the world. No more. Young Germans can learn about the awful truth of fascism, having been in the Polish Auschwitz in the concentration camp every year, tours for seniors, may 8 is the day of open doors, it often happens that the passage and the entrance is free for everyone to touch the history of fascism.

But on may 9 in Germany celebrated father's Day.