Amber: properties

In ancient times, women wore jewelry made of amber on secular balls and formal dinners. Amber was one of divine jewelry, emphasized the cheerfulness of the hosts. This is a unique property of the mineral was carried down to our times.

It is believed that amber brings to its owners love and sexuality, protects from harm, inspires faith and optimism, and helps pregnant women to bear healthy offspring. This solar stone, but rather fossilized resin, in its raw version has healing properties against many diseases and also used in magic to protect against evil spirits, cleansing the human aura from the astral wastes.

Amber itself can have different shapes. In the form of inserts in jewelry sometimes it looks like a fabulous pattern. Necklace, beads, earrings of amber have the ability to emphasize the beauty of dark skin and copper and tan. Against the background of the skin seems to be especially brilliant.
Jewelers find that these shining stones in jewelry are perfectly combined with other materials: wood, ivory, enamel suitable shade precious stones, gold and even silver. Amber jewelry can be combined with various wardrobe items. But certain rules must be followed.

How to wear amber

Striking amber decoration combined with white and black things strict style. On the background of natural mineral sparkle in all its glory, the bright rays. And surrounding this will certainly celebrate.

It is believed that classic amber yellow looks great against the blue, green, red, brown and orange clothes. Stone lighter shades will suit girls with dark eyes: grey and brown. Blue-eyed ladies fit amber dark shades.

It is important that wearing amber jewelry should not be excess. Amber ensembles from the earrings and necklace will look vulgar. So it is advisable to wear either amber earrings or a necklace, or bracelet, or necklace of amber. Then this unique stone will be a bright accent in the form of a woman, dressed impeccably and tastefully.

Another thing, if amber shining in the barrette on the hair. Then you can add the amber earrings or necklace. It will not be overkill. The piercing amber better not to use.

According to experts, amber almost never go out of fashion. Afford women even of modest means, suitable ladies with any hair color and any age.

The girl who is going on a first date, you may wear an amber bracelet or earrings with a gold ring and necklace, evening dress color turquoise. The impression of a young man, in this case, the young person will be unforgettable. Slender girl in jewelry made of amber combined with the turquoise outfit associated with young, supple and glowing from the Shine of the dew and the SAP of the tree.

Highlight the female form usually gives solid amber brooch, attached to a large viscous knitted pointelle jumper or cardigan blue. It should be noted that amber looks like a refined with gold and silver ornaments.