The nature of gossip

To understand how not to pay attention to gossip, well to first clarify to yourself, why do people gossip? In fact, gossip is an integral part of human communication, and here's why.

Man lives in society, and more specifically, is a member of several more or less large communities or social groups. This school class, and student group and work team, a group of friends and even family. People is such that he likes to communicate with those who are most similar to: adhere to the same beliefs, ethical installations, belongs to the same social class with him and even has a certain resemblance (racial and ethnic characteristics, manner of dress, etc.).

Of course, people are the same no and be can not. But in each community is the majority of individuals who have the greatest number of such similarities. If there is someone who is too different from the others, its starting to discuss and condemn.

So maybe the only way to avoid gossip is to be "all", i.e. to demonstrate the features and qualities inherent in the majority of the members of a particular social group? Yes, in this case to be subjected to condemnation and discussion is much less likely. But the way this is not too good.

First, each person will always find something that is not accepted and is assessed negatively by a majority of the members of a social group, thus no one can be completely protected from gossip.

And secondly, social groups are different, and in each of them the "norm", and thus, passing from group to group, have to constantly adjust to the requirements of each of them. That's where the direct road to the constant stress and depression!

But if the gossip is impossible to stop, you need to learn not to react too sharply. How to do it?

How to be a gossip

To get rid of the guilt and accept myself. It is not easy, it's much nicer to listen to praise than condemnation. But for all it is impossible to become "right" and "good". Yes, each person is different, and sometimes his "shortcomings" are the flip side of its advantages. You need to take those parties that do not like others to realize that they are the personality characteristics and in response to the criticism calmly say: "Yes, I am."

Understand that any gossip ever end. People are interested in others as long as they do not appear more important and pressing issues of concern to them. As soon as this happens, the gossip subside by themselves.

Is gradually forming its own circle. Try that in any social group there is enough people who share your views and beliefs, leading a similar lifestyle and have similar tastes. In the circle of friends, the likelihood of gossip is much less.