You will need
  • - electronic scales;
  • - a sheet or diaper.
This method of weighing is the most accurate. The procedure to produce special children's scales: they have a convenient form-the bowl in which you can put a newborn or to plant already grown child. If weighing takes place at a reception at the pediatrician, the child will remain in a diaper and shirt (vest). After receiving the results the doctor usually deduct 100-200 g per remaining clothes.
In case your home weighing the baby, you can undress completely. Lay on the surface of scales thin sheet and put her naked child. So you can find out its exact weight.
If it is not possible to weigh the baby on a special children's scales, and the usual outdoor. To obtain accurate results it is sufficient to measure the weight of an adult, such as a mother, remember this value. Then measure the weight of the same person holding pre naked child. The resulting difference will be the weight of the baby.
To support the result and exception errors can be offered to be weighed, for example dad: first one, then with the child. The weight of the baby obtained in the measurement with the mother, must almost coincide with the resulting difference in weighing with my dad. Otherwise, we can assume that the weights used have a high margin of error, and weight of the child approximate.