Set your computer to display hidden items and file extensions. To do this go to control panel and select "folder options". Go to the tab appearance settings, scroll the list toward the end uncheck the checkbox "Hide extensions for known file types". Scroll down the list and check the box for "Display hidden folders and files". Apply the changes and close the window by clicking "OK".
Go to search by computer. Enter the keyword config.cfg in the settings, enable the search in hidden and system folders. Specify the approximate location, e.g., local disk folder where you extracted the installation files. Press Enter.
After output the results, click on each of them, right-click in order to navigate to the folder that contains the object. Check in the address bar, so that the directory belonged to the game Counter Srtike, and not any other program. Also pay attention to the file extension, it should be .cfg.
When you find the location of the desired file, click the right mouse button and select in the context menu "Properties". Uncheck the option "read Only" and apply changes. In the game settings, select Default. After that the game settings Counter Strike will return to its original state.
Please note that in some cases, you may need to reboot the system after the lifting of the configuration file setting, so it is best run immediately manually. The reset does not remove installed patches and mods, just returns the graphics options, control, configuration, players, and so on.