When choosing a washing machine for washing children's things you need to consider a number of nuances. It is not only the availability of special programs that can rapidly and effectively remove contaminants and a lack of buttons, by selecting "protection of children". Has a value and volume of the drum, especially if the small child, and two or three.

Criteria of selection of machines for washing children's clothes

Be washed the first years of a child's life the baby stuff you need separately from adults. And proschityvat linen is required at a temperature of 70-90 degrees Celsius, respectively, a washing machine needs to provide for the installation of such a regime. Best of all, if cars are baby-mode, delicate wash and option of additional rinsing of Laundry.

The most convenient washing machines with vertical loading, if the house has a child. In contrast to the models with front-loading, this technique does not have a control panel on the front. Therefore, the risk that the growing child he turned on the washing machine or change the wash cycle, is minimized. Some machines with front-loading Laundry are locks locks which will not allow the baby to "play" with technology.

When buying a washing machine to care for baby clothes, you must determine the volume of the drum. This can be a range from 3.5 to 7 kg, it is traditional for families with children buyers choose the units with the 5-6 kg dry linen. Models with such volume will allow to stretch at the same time a large number of diapers, bedding, blanket crumbs.

The range of programs and other features of the machine

Optimally, if a washing machine has a "hand wash", it is possible to put in order the delicate baby clothes from the wool, cashmere, velour, and other fabrics that require special treatment. Also a great helper for moms will be quick drying clothes, when the stock sliders coming to an end, and wait for drying baby's clothes is not possible.

Finally, note the class of the washing machine. For washing children's clothes the perfect choice would be a class "A". It is a modern technique for the careful and proper washing. You can find subclasses of A+ and A++, they differ in the efficiency of operation of the washing machine.

We must also consider the noise produced by washing machine. Silent models do exist, this is a godsend for families with young children. A good choice would be a machine with a decibel level to 55.