Advice 1: How to sunbathe

To rest in warm edges does not lead disease and a positive experience, you must know the rules, how to sunbathe. Intense sunlight can cause skin diseases and burns.
You need to know how to tan, to stay healthy

How to take a sun bath

A careless attitude to your body and excessive sunbathing may lead to the development of cancer. At the peak of its activity the sun is not useful and only causes harm. This should be remembered by tourists and holiday-makers at a local beach. The level of solar activity is the highest from 10 to 16 hours a day. At this time people in a few minutes under the scorching sun can get a serious burn. This is especially dangerous for people with light skin.

You need to overcome your laziness and to go to sunbathe in the morning. It's the perfect time to correct and even tan. The first few days, the skin needs to get used to the sun. So to sunbathe for 15 minutes a day and gradually increase the time to 2 hours. Not in the first days of a completely bare body. For starters, you can leave on the body of the shirt. While swimming in the sea or river, people can also get burnt. Water droplets work like a magnifying glass and attract the rays of the sun. So better the first time during the voyage to cover the back and shoulders. After a couple of days, can be completely naked to swimsuit and enjoy the warm rays of the sun.

The closer beach to the water, the faster sunbathe, as the water reflects the light. The same principle applies, if after bathing, the person is not wiping with a towel. In the first days of stay at the beach is better to stay away from the edge of the water and wipe dry with a towel.

Of course, many of these rules seem odd and inappropriate when people from far away rode to the sea, to swim and to have a bronze tan. But precautions will not hurt if you do not want the entire vacation to treat burns and rashes on the body.

Necessary attributes on the beach

We must not forget about sunscreens for body and face. They will help to avoid burns, will contribute to a healthy tan and maintain the integrity of the skin. In the first days of a beach holiday is better to use a cream with high protection. Do not forget about the headdress, which will save from sunstroke and keep the hair. They also deteriorate from sun exposure. An important attribute on the beach are sunglasses. A woman should remember that on the beach you should not use decorative cosmetics. Only from time to time to moisten his lips hygienic lipstick.

If a person has skin problems: rashes, wounds, a large number of moles, then it is better not to sunbathe. Better to stay with pale skin than skin cancer.

Advice 2: How to tan in tanning beds

Someone still perceive a tan as an integral part of the shape of a beautiful and healthy person. Naturally, to keep the tan for a long winter is not possible. However, it's easily possible to replace the artificial sun in the Solarium, turning to the nearest beauty salon.
How to tan in tanning beds
There are two main types of tanning: horizontal and vertical. Tanning beds is considered a classic tanning. But not all are well tolerated cramped movements and closed space. Besides, tanning in this Solarium sometimes falls unevenly. This is due to the fact that the skin is in contact with the acrylic coating, and it is in these places are white spots.
Remember that the duration of the tanning sessions in the horizontal Solarium 2-3 times longer than in the vertical. Bulb in it, usually of small capacity. The tanning time can vary from 15 to 20 minutes. But in the horizontal Solarium there is a soft light to the face, so can not be afraid for the health of your skin.
Consult your doctor before you begin use of the Solarium. In cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, asthma tan in the Solarium is contraindicated. If you are taking antibiotics, some hormones, diuretics and psychotropic drugs, going to the tanning salon it is better to postpone until the end of treatment. Also, do not sunbathe in the Solarium, if your body has too many moles. This can lead to their degeneration into malignant tumors – melanoma.
Use in horizontal solariums protection of eyes, hair and nipples. In a good beauty salon you will be offered a hat to protect the hair, stickers on the nipples (stikine), as well as sunglasses.
Take a shower before each session of sun and wash off all the makeup. Otherwise, you risk to be covered with pigment spots. Also, before going to the tanning salon do not use perfume and toilet water, otherwise you can get severe skin irritation. Do not treat the body and face lotions, tonics, creams, skin reaction under ultraviolet light can be very unpredictable.
Do not use in horizontal tanning sunscreen. Use only special creams for tanning in solariums. They will help for a long time to keep the melanin in the skin, and thus keep the beautiful dark hue.
Do not rush to get dressed and go outside after the session. A little sit down, relax, have a drink of water. Remember that using a Solarium, you can get not only beautiful skin, but also to achieve cosmetic, therapeutic and preventive effect.
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