Doctors and scientists are not tired to warn that immoderate stay gender scorching rays of the sun dangerous for your health. Any good that tan brings – therefore, in order to get a tan and not to harm your skin, it is necessary to observe simple safety rules. First, sunbathing should only at certain hours in the morning from 9 to 11 a.m. or in the evening from 16 to 19 hours. At this time, the sun bakes not as intense as at midday, and the risk of a burn or heat stroke decreases significantly. Of course, to get a rich tan, will have to sunbathe for a while – for example, every day during the week for 2 hours. But the result will surprise you: your tan will be much more smooth than the one you would get by tanning in the middle of the day.

To accustom the skin to sunlight should be gradual – for example, instead of having to go directly to the beach in a swimsuit or trunks, it is better to open up the body to the sun gradually (first hands, then feet, etc.). Yes, and the time spent in the sun should be increased gradually, starting with a few minutes (literally, five to seven) and gradually bringing the tanning time to an hour or two. So your skin gets used to the sun, and you'll not need to suffer from allergic reactions or sunburn. And remember that the right to sunbathe only in the case when you are wearing sunglasses and a hat to protect from the sun. Be sure to use special creams for your protection factor (the higher, the better). This is especially true for people with light skin and freckles.