In the nursery-door wardrobe will save space, and all things and toys can easily be put on the shelves. Wardrobe- the opportunity to choose the comfortable furniture for children of different ages or purchase the wardrobe "on vyrost". Depending on customer feedback, the wardrobe can be used to visually change the geometry of space.

Criteria for choosing the wardrobe for the nursery

Like any other children's furniture, wardrobe should be as safe to use. This parameter enables the environmentally friendly materials used in the production of the product. Not always for the manufacture wardrobes applied the wood pulp, so it is necessary to check the quality of the selected raw materials. It is best if it is laminate or PVC. The model must be a certificate of quality.

A wardrobe for the nursery should be closed, with the exception of the side sections, which you can put toys, books. Pay attention to the corners of furniture should not be sharp, the ideal wardrobe needs to have rounded corners. Furniture surface should be smooth, with no protrusions.

For a child's room does not fit sliding door wardrobes with glass or mirrored doors – they are easy to break. Watch what pens are used for furniture, it is desirable that it was a simple round "bombski" no small parts. The handles need to match the growth of the child. Check the reliability of all fastenings, the door should open effortlessly.

What a wardrobe suitable for children

To organize the space child's room will help closets with drawers. Sections inside the Cabinet must be a lot that you can placed in the Cabinet with all the necessary clothes and other things. Easy to use and take up little space corner cabinets, can be closed with a niche in the wall. For this you need to order wardrobe built-in type that the product is designed according to your wishes.

The facades of the closets may not necessarily be painted in pastel colors. But it can be bright colors, provide a choice of color and design Cabinet child. You can experiment with photo printing on the doors, three-dimensional drawings, as well as outfitting furniture in the children's LEDs. The only thing the lamp needs to be available for children. A practical option is furniture with a laminated surface – even if the young artist would paint, the doors will be easy to clean out of pens or paint.