In modern apartments wardrobes have ceased to be a rarity. And on the furniture market you can find a huge variety of models-in closets. Very interesting furniture are wardrobes with glass doors. Glass door for wardrobes can be quite different. There are frosted doors glass relief models. And you can also find colored glass doors and decorated with patterns.

Advantages of sliding wardrobes with glass doors

1. One of the important qualities of furniture such as wardrobe, of course, is its roominess. One model of wardrobe you can replace an entire wardrobe, bookcase and closet. It is no surprise the popularity of wardrobes in the furniture market.

2. The second advantage-in closets – it saves space in the apartment. For wardrobes, you can create a niche, and glass doors this furniture will nicely fit into the interior.

3. The construction of the wardrobe is quite mobile in terms of internal space. It all depends on individual tastes and preferences. And does not need to purchase a new wardrobe. Simply replace or add shelves.

4. Supply of wardrobe various mechanisms can also be attributed to its advantages. One such mechanism is the ability to remove the bed in the lower part of the Cabinet.

5. Secure mounting for glass door wardrobe is very functional. Conveniently, if the door is coming off your seat, put her back in place very easily, using only your hand.

Cons-in closets with glass doors

Such a convenient construction, which has a lot of advantages, has some drawbacks.

1. No matter how easy to use wardrobes, but to install them is quite difficult. The point here is not only as models of wardrobes with glass doors. Usually just the flats have uneven walls or ceilings. As a consequence, installation of such furniture is best left to professionals. They will take into account all the features of the walls of the apartment will make the Assembly and installation of wardrobe most accurately, thereby threading the longevity of the wardrobe.

2. If incorrectly fitted wardrobe with glass doors will break down very quickly. Roller furniture works properly only on a perfectly flat floor.

3. Illumination of the wardrobe can not serve as an additional source of light. Rather, it can be called an item of decoration.