If you work in an office, study and write term papers, start writing books, MS Word must be installed on your desktop computer. Of course, you can download and install other text editors, but the word program is the most convenient and familiar for almost any person.

Version of the program

To date, the most popular versions of the program are Word versions 97-2003 and 2007. A few years ago came Word 2010, but this version did not find much acceptance among users (maybe over time this version will find its fans).

Is it convenient to switch from one version to another

In fact, to move from version 97-2003 to 2007 is not so difficult. To learn how to confidently work in MS Word 2007, you will need to read the user guide and try out the version in practice. Just a few days you will already be confident to use all the necessary components of the program.

Can I download MS Word 2007 free

If you decide to install MS Word 2007 on the PC, then you can buy the licensed version on a disc in any shop and computer components in your town. This purchase will cost you a few thousand (3-5 thousand). The price will vary depending on the version of the program and prestige of the store. You can also buy a CD with MS Word 2007 at any store that specializes in selling software.

If you don't want to spend a considerable amount to buy the software, you can download it from the official Microsoft website. For this you will need Internet access, mobile telephone number and a little time. Word 2007 weighs around 700-750 MB. It should be noted that the mobile phone number you need to have. When you download a program from the site you will not need to register. The phone number you will need to enter when you direct the install to get the activation code. Without this code to set Word 2007 to the end you can't.

Please note

Do not apply to third-party resources where you can download program MS Word 2007. So you risk not only infect your computer, but also download a broken program, spending 700 megabytes of traffic.