Study the manual thoroughly, page by page, and sooner or later you will achieve good results and will be able to enjoy watching your favorite TV channels round the clock. Many people still don't know how to enable picture-in-picture, which allows you to simultaneously watch multiple TV channels to not miss your favorite show.

At the moment, the function of picture-in-picture is implemented only if you connect a TV to a personal computer. So, take usb cable and connect the PC and the TV.
Then turn on the TV picture-in-picture, go to menu, find the PIP (picture in picture) and activate it. On the screen have a Desk with your PC's hard disk and the window with the broadcast channel. Thus, it is possible to watch several TV channels simultaneously.
Use this feature when you are tired of watching ads waiting for your favorite TV shows. Also in some modern televisions function PAP (picture at picture). In this case, connect the PC, the screen itself is divided into two parts, each of which shows a specific channel. Pictures TV will allow you to quickly switch between channels or watch a few of them at the same time.
The correct execution of the above procedure will allow you to activate the picture-in-picture on any flat screen TV. And also give the opportunity to enjoy the viewing of multiple channels simultaneously. If you failed to enable this feature, contact the service centre producers, there'll explain everything in the best possible way. Samsung TVs pictures meet European quality standards, so setting up PIP should not cause you any difficulty and difficulties. To start configuring PIP, learn how to start a TV remote that comes in the sales package. Thoroughly examine all features and capabilities of your TV. This will allow you to make the most of the purchased equipment.