Now, the term "Protocol," you see done in some form of record that contains data on past or ongoing story, set in a stack manner and in accordance with the facts.
In information technology a network Protocol is a standard that describes the rules of a ratio of blocks in the data transfer process. The data transfer Protocol is all agreement interface logic level that govern the exchange of data between different interacting programs. These agreements create a unified method for the transmission of messages by the mutual action of the software of the instrument that is connected to any interface. The data transfer Protocol provides the ability to develop physical layer interface, which was not associated with a specific equipment manufacturer.
In medicine, a Protocol for diagnosis and treatment defines a detailed plan for the treatment of certain diseases. The Protocol determines the diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation activities and strict procedures for various emergency situations which may occur in severe forms of any disease.
In diplomacy, Protocol is defined as a community of common traditions and conventions that must be observed by the governments, diplomatic missions, all the officials in the format of international relations.
Based cryptographic Protocol is the cryptographic algorithm. His goal is to keep certain data secret from outsiders, fraud prevention and disclosure of information.
All protocols have other distinctive characteristics. Thus, all parties should know in advance all they have to perform, they have to obey the rules without coercion. The Protocol must be unambiguous and to avoid possible misinterpretation. It is unacceptable that any action or situation during the implementation of the Protocol would not have been mentioned therein.