In Mogilev on your vehicles

The city is a road junction. To Mogilev from different directions are regional and national highways. Route E-95 is in the vicinity of the city. Through it you can reach Mogilev from the territory of Ukraine and Russia. The road goes from Odessa to St. Petersburg and pass through such cities as Kiev, Chernigov, Gomel, Vitebsk and Pskov.

M4 Mogilev with Minsk. Р71 road leads to the city from the South-East direction. On the highway Р97 can enter to Mogilev from the South. Р96 road heading East from the border of Belarus and Russia. Р76 connects the city with the Vitebsk oblast, it is possible to arrive in Mogilev from Orsha. By road Р122 you can get into the city from the South-East direction, and Р123 from the North - East.
In the city by train

Mogilev is home to several train stations – "Mogilev 1", "Mogilev 2", "Mogilev 3", "lupolove", "Goroshina". The city's main station is located at the station "Mogilev 1". In the centre of the Mogilev region is accessed via the railway track from Saint-Petersburg, Odessa, Kiev, Gomel. Also to the station "Mogilev 1" arriving long-distance trains from Moscow, Kishinev, Dnepropetrovsk, Vitebsk, Simferopol, Minsk, and Brest. To the railway station "Mogilev 2" you can come by train from Bykhov, Zhlobin, and Osipovichi. In lupolove arrive trains from Grenoble and Krichev. There is also the opportunity to get on the train from Orsha, Vitebsk and many other nearby communities.

In Mogilev has a international airport. The airport can receive airplanes of the Tu-154, Il-76 and more light models. Also it is possible to land helicopters. But the city gates and take a small aircraft from a limited number of regions. You can get the original at the airport of Minsk, which receives flights from many places in Europe and Asia. Then use ground transport and, thus, to reach Mogilev in two stages.