Why watch horror

Horror films attract the audience with his vivid, sometimes unpredictable story. The thrill people are looking for when in their lives they do not have enough adrenaline. Other individuals with scary movies get a psychological discharge and understand that they have in life is not so bad.

The desire to escape from real life, to see something really scary, but from a safe distance, to tickle your nerves, scared, and then feel the relief that it was all just a movie – that's what leads people who buy tickets to movies at the cinema or watching a scary movie at home.

It is worth noting that horror is the horror of the strife. In some horror movies things are moving on mystical lines, and, except for the ghosts and evidence of the poltergeist, there are no frightening scenes. To watch this movie, you can like a fairy tale. Other movies abound with shocking scenes of violence and a very negative influence on the human psyche.

The influence of horror movies

The result of watching a horror movie can become nightmares. Nasty bloody scenes leave an impression in the mind of man, and when he sleeps, the brain of the individual restores seen, or dreams on the subject of movie you have seen. So keep in mind that sleep problems can be a consequence of the preferences of the person in terms of cinematography.

Pregnant women, children and especially impressionable people, scary movies. It is on the most receptive mind and fragile psyche horror affect very negatively. First, the viewing of horror can make a human reaction to a real danger of inadequate. Secondly, due to bloody horror in the susceptible organism growing level of aggression, a man accustomed to cruelty, and violence seems to him the norm.

Usually a horror movie is designed to create a disturbing atmosphere. But if this mood does not leave you after viewing, then, the fear and the tension was too strong. For viewing of horror can change your emotional background. If you are close to the heart perceive events in which there are heroes, then you should not watch horror movies.

Finally, it is worth noting that horror movies can cause a real addiction. The fact is that during scary scenes in the blood of the audience is thrown a large number of the insane under stress. The body gets used to this state of constant combat readiness and the need for new thrills.