What is chickenpox

Chickenpox is considered a children's infectious disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Its causative agent is one of the herpes virus - Varicella Zoster, easily spread in the environment. Therefore, chicken pox is very easy to get infected.

The most vulnerable kids aged 6 months to 7 years while visiting children's groups and at home, through contact with infected children. In older age it is also possible to get infected with chicken pox, but then the disease will occur in a more severe form.
Contrary to popular belief about the acquisition of immunity after chickenpox, there is a theory that to get an infection you can again, regardless of age.

What are the signs of chickenpox

For 10 to 23 days after entering the child's body the infection does not "like" about yourself. This period is called the latent or incubation. The "victory" of the virus will be marked by rise in body temperature to 38 - 39оС and the appearance on the body of the specific rash is the main symptom of chickenpox. At this time, the child may experience headaches, pain, weakness, and body aches. First lesions appear on the face, behind the ears and in the scalp. Gradually, they spread throughout the body, including mucous membranes – mouth, nose and genitals.

Patients with chicken pox can not go out, as this may lead to undesirable consequences.
Interesting fact: the child can catch chicken pox from shingles patient, the causative agent of which is the same virus Varicella Zoster.

How much you get chicken pox

Initially a rash on the body is a small pink spots, which are converted into vesicles filled with fluid. After 1 - 2 days they burst, dry up and turn into crust. Period of rashes in chicken pox lasts 5 - 10 days, and for complete cleansing of the skin requires a couple of weeks. Perfidy chickenpox is that the infected child becomes infectious to others a day before appearance of any symptoms. During the first five days of the disease the patient is most contagious.

Baby, don't have immunity to infection, can become ill through 11 - 21 days after contact with the patient. Thus, quarantine for chickenpox in children groups are superimposed for 21 days. In case of detection of new cases, it needs to last another three weeks. To visit children's collective child may only 5 days after appearance the last rash on the body.