Part Of The "Kurzeme"

Coffee drink "Kurzeme" has a very simple structure: it is freshly roasted chicory and cereals. Among the cereals present in "Kurzeme" usually are barley, rye, oats. Often the structure also adds cardamom, and this allows the beverage to acquire a special, incomparable flavor.

Together, these ingredients have beneficial effects on health: stabilize the activity of the cardiovascular system, improve the function of liver and kidneys. Also "Kurzeme" has a beneficial effect on the appetite, allowing you to maintain better control. By entering this beverage to your first meal, you will notice that take a normal balanced Breakfast, rich in vitamins (e.g. porridge), made easier, however, lost the desire hearty meals in the evenings.

Barley – an important component of the "Kurzeme" - an indispensable source of useful vitamins and minerals.

Very rarely, but you can buy "Kurzeme", which added a bit of organic coffee. Despite the fact that they say "coffee drink" is in reality coffee is not a traditional component of "Kurzeme". And the habit of calling cichorieae drinks "coffee" is that in Soviet times was often hard to get the ground coffee, and under it was sold it was the chicory. Ground coffee was considered a scarce product, and chicory often have a growing population are directly under the Windows. Even today, the chicory still suffering from the events of the past: some people wrongly think it is just a poor substitute for coffee, not considering his own positive properties and special taste.

As the main component "Kurzeme" is chicory, it is necessary to mention. Unusual pleasant taste and healthy effect made chicory is popular even among the ancient Greeks and Romans. He drank long before Europe came in coffee. The roots of the plants were dried, finely cut and fried, and then cooked. In medieval Europe believed that the chicory perfectly calms nerves, making the person calm and able to think clearly.

How to cook "Kurzeme"

Usually this coffee drink is sold in powdered form, but sometimes soluble. Cook ground "Kurzeme" need a special way to cups is not formed lumps, which many fans dislike this drink.

Take a dry Cup of medium size, about 250 ml. Sprinkle it with a dry spoon 2-3 teaspoons cikorievej drink. It is important that the Cup and spoon was dry. Add the sugar if you take sugar. Now pour a very little hot water. Mix gently until a homogeneous mass. Now you can pour in a Cup of the remaining water. In the very end, add cream or milk to taste.

An unusual but delicious way to cook "Kurzeme": diluting the dry powder condensed milk, stir, and then pour water. It turns out almost cikorievej cappuccino.

You can also cook the chicory. To do this, pour about 2 teaspoons of "Kurzeme" 250 ml of water, mix well and put on fire. Bring to a boil and immediately remove the drink. Wait until the sediment settles, then pour in cups, add sugar, cream or milk.