Turmeric grows exclusively in tropical countries. Its root is ground into powder, making it easier to use as the root is very long. Its length is 1 meter. This yellow powder has saved people's lives, because in ancient times there were not so many drugs now, and only this spice was saved from many diseases like cold, cough, diabetes and flu. Its main use is to content of iodine, calcium and iron, and vitamins b and C. Their presence helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract.

The color of turmeric is consistent with its values, because in addition to the General healing properties, it also tones the skin, helps with heavy mental and physical work and relaxes in moments of particular tension. A simple mixture of one Cup of milk and a teaspoon of turmeric, will only benefit, especially for those who are watching their figure, because turmeric normalizes metabolism, allowing the body to withdraw all the toxins and wastes. By mixing this powder with honey, it turns out indispensable folk remedy for sprains and bruises, and the bite of the insect or Allergy is a soothing effect and reduce itching. Turmeric originally came to India, there and gone its spread. Indian girls believe it will help them to keep youth and beauty, so add spice to almost every dish. Smooth skin and reduce wrinkles promotes a combination of turmeric, milk and honey this "nectar" protects the skin from dryness, because in India not the best weather conditions. In addition to this face mask, there is a recipe with a blend of vegetable oil, flour and yellow powder. This slurry is applied to the face and keep it for a couple of minutes, then wash off, however it is worth noting that you find a debt on the face of this mask can only have a detrimental effect on health and skin color.

The use of turmeric in daily consumption is undeniable. From it and the kitchen aid, and personal beautician. Could not agree more with the fact that even in such small quantities, like one pinch, properly applied, it will improve the taste of food, skin and even heals cuts, removing swelling and pain.