If you can afford to buy a piece of jewelry with this changeable stone, choose a product with a Golden rim. Often in jewelry alexandrite stones use other suitable color or complement it. It can be diamonds, garnet, citrine, amethyst, Topaz.
Wearing alexandrite is better in the ring or the ring, or on the head – earrings, or Hoop tiara. It is also good to combine jewelry with alexandrite with other products that have green or red garnet. These stones will soften the strong effect of alexandrite in your life.
Jewelry alexandrite are suitable to wear both in the day and in the evening. These perfect stones are for the poor lighting and bad weather, but they also play beautifully and in sunlight or bright artificial light.
Look great sets of jewelry with alexandrite – earrings and rings, pendants and earrings. And alexandrite earrings beautifully highlight the beauty and green, and brown eyes. Of course, fine jewelry with this stone is best suited for evening attire, but if you have a favorite ring or small earrings with alexandrite, you can wear them anytime and for any occasion.