Swimming with dolphins

The Dolphinarium to visit the Dolphin show and other marine life, swim with dolphins Bella and Ramses and the white whale Casper. Swimming give 10 min., but even in such a short period of time, dolphins can save people from negative emotions, to make it kinder, to relieve stress, elevate mood and give a quality vacation. Communication with dolphins brings unusual and new sensations.

The Dolphinarium is located near VDNKH metro station on the territory of VVC. There built a entertainment center for children and adults. The name "Dolphin Land" can be seen from afar. From the main entrance of the Dolphinarium is located in the pavilion №8 five minutes from the entrance. To the VVC to drive better with Khovanskaya street.

The cost of swimming — 4500 R. Price are inclusive of delivery within the Moscow ring road, in other areas the delivery is carried out at 250 p. to Return or exchange a ticket is impossible. In the sale are gift certificates.

The Dolphinarium may make changes to the schedule. This may be due to the well-being of animals, public holidays and during school holidays.
The schedule for swimming with dolphins approved, but still it is advisable when ordering tickets to get the exact time. Swimming with dolphins is possible from Tuesday to Friday 13:00, 15:00, 19:00 and 20:50. On Saturday and Sunday at 19:00 and 20:50. Monday off.

Before purchasing the ticket it is advisable to call the following numbers to arrange date and time of sailing: +7 968 837 89 23, +7 (495) 796 88 36, +7 (495) 796 88 26. After reservation of the ticket purchase is given for three days.

The rules of swimming with dolphins

Swimming is not allowed those who do not know how to swim, is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, suffers from epilepsy and skin diseases. Also swimming is not allowed for pregnant women and children up to 7 years.

Dolphins don't need to be afraid of. If the visitor is calm and correct, and the animal will be. And chained and clamped the dolphins help people to relax and to enjoy socializing and swimming with them.
Swimming with dolphins can take pictures and even shoot video. Before swimming you should take off all jewelry. The Dolphinarium is necessary to arrive up to 10-20 minutes before swimming. Latecomers to the session already not allowed, the money for the tickets will not be returned. Before and after swimming should take a shower, will need hygiene products, towel and Slippers. During the voyage it is necessary to listen to the instructor who will supervise and adjust the behavior of the Dolphin. Also it's not necessary to make any action with animals. If violated at least one rule, the visitor is removed from the session without refund.