Egg yolk – this shampoo and conditioner, and healing vitamin mask in one portion. Regular shampooing with an egg makes the hair silky soft, gives Shine, allows to get rid of dandruff. To wash eggs is prepared in advance. You can certainly use a whole egg, but the protein is hard washed out of the hair, as if inadvertently, the water will be slightly hotter than expected, combing coagulated protein as additional entertainment is guaranteed. So to start, separate the yolks from the whites. Proteins is perfect for future use as a culinary or cosmetic ingredient. For a single wash you will need two yolks for long hair, their number should be increased. For greater effect, add a tablespoon of honey, carefully stir the mixture until smooth.
Shampooing yolks does not differ from shampooing. Wet hair, apply egg on your head and massage the scalp. Hair with even a little foam. Pomassirovti head, you can leave the egg-honey mixture on it for 10 minutes, this will help the vitamins and nutrients better absorbed. Then rinse your hair carefully making sure that the water was warm, but in any case not hot
Clean-washed hair can be rinsed with infusion of nettle or chamomile and dry them naturally. You will be surprised how easy will be the hair, as they will blow freshness, and health. But the most important effect of egg shampoo is that after using the hair not so fast garnaut and daily washing they are no longer required. Over time you can start to experiment with ingredients in your egg shampoo. For example, the ground coffee will not only be a great invigorating scrub for the scalp, the resulting rush of blood to the skin's surface improve the nutrition of the hair, and even coffee is a natural dye and flavoring. And this is only one warrant, but there are also infusions of herbs, essential oils and other utility, worth a look around. According to people who regularly use the egg as a shampoo, the shampoo to the store to return, they are not going. Too great was the disappointment and sometimes even despair from the consequences of using store-bought cosmetics. And neither one of them they will not exchange your homemade yolk shampoo, creative with their hair a miracle in the literal sense of the word.