You will need
  • - rye black bread;
  • - dishes;
  • - water.
Go to the store. You need to buy a loaf rye black bread. "Borodinskiy", "type" or any similar.
Cut off bread crust. Slice it into thin slices, or just break into small pieces. The amount of bread necessary for one throttling, depends on length of hair. If the haircut "a boy", then just one loaf, and if the hair is below the shoulders, you will have to use the whole loaf.
Slices or pieces of bread with the crust cut off (by the way, you can also use breadcrumbs) fold into a plastic, ceramic or glass bowl. Use of metal pans is undesirable.
Boil the kettle and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. Pour the bread is slightly cooled boiling water so that the water covered him completely. Cover the dishes with infused bread with a lid or cling film and set aside.
After 2-3 hours remove the lid or foil, mash the bread to a pulp and strain. Slush does not drain!
Bread paste (you can add a few drops of essential oils of patchouli, tea tree, rosemary or ylang ylang) wash the head and rinse it so that the hair left crumbs. After lubricate the head of the wrung. and leave on for 5 minutes. Again rinse thoroughly.
Rinse the head. It is best to rinse the hair decoction of nettles or water with lemon juice. Two litres of water squeeze juice of one lemon. This rinse will make hair Shine.
If you still have black bread, until the next wash store it in the refrigerator or dry bread to condition and store it in a fabric pouch.