Advice 1: How to wash your hair without shampoo

Sometimes, this situation arises when it is necessary to wash the headand shampoo not. Folk recipes offer many ways to make your hair clean without the use of special detergent. In addition to low cost of such a wash, there is one positive thing – these tools are also used to strengthen, improve the growth and structure of hair. So how do you wash your head without shampoo?
How to wash your hair without shampoo
Method first wash rye bread. With a large slice of rye bread to cut all the peel. Pour the resulting crumbs with boiling water and leave for a while. When the bread will soften – mash it with your hands, apply to hair, RUB. Leave the mixture on your head for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse hair with cool water. For Shine and easy combing strands can be rinsed with water, acidified with vinegar or lemon juice.
The second way: wash the egg yolks. Separate the yolks of 2-3 eggs from the whites. Remove the whites to scrambled eggs, and yolks, beat with a fork with a few drops of vegetable oil and a small amount of water. Apply the mixture on hair for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with cool water and rinse method described in the first recipe.
A third method of washing the hair without shampoo is appropriate to use, if you have the time. This recipe enhances growth, strengthens and softens the hair. Take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and pour half Cup of boiling water. Insist one hour. Then infusion should strain and add a tablespoon of honey. Dampened the hair with water drench extract obtained. After half an hour rinse thoroughly with water.
The fourth method – wash and homemade shampoo with gelatin. 1 tablespoon gelatin pour 3 tablespoons of cold water and leave for 40 minutes. Then put the mixture on a water bath and heat until gelatin until dissolved. Add to gelatin mixture two egg yolks and mix well. Apply the obtained shampoo on your head for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. This composition contains a large amount of protein that will give your hair a good volume.
The following method – wash with banana puree. Half of banana to clear and remove a small layer of pulp, for which a prescription is not needed. The pulp grind to a smooth puree. Add the lemon juice and 1 egg yolk. This homemade shampoo foam well, hair does not require rinsing and is left shiny and soft.
The last option is dry shampoo. This method is appropriate if there's no time. Hair need to sprinkle the potato starch, and after 5-7 minutes, wipe with a towel and comb. So you see that to wash the head without shampoo – no problem. These recipes not only cleanse the hair but also will make them beautiful and healthy.

Advice 2 : Eco-friendly products to wash your hair

Many people in the beauty no longer trust large companies producing cosmetics. They are partly right, because in the manufacture of any cosmetic, used a huge amount of chemistry and it is often tested on animals, which is absolutely unacceptable in civilized countries. Also, many women complain of allergic reaction to shampoos or hair masks. Thus, people start looking for alternatives among natural products.
Eco-friendly products to wash your hair

It is known that the head can be washed with a simple egg. The egg is broken into a bowl, whipped and applied to the hair like regular shampoo. Eggs nice foam and nourish the scalp. If you want, you can add a tablespoon of cognac and a little honey, thus getting a good nutrient composition. Only honey should be taken with liquid, otherwise it takes a lot of time breeding of honey in a water bath.

Another alternative may be black breadsoaked in water. Foaming he will not, but dirty hair washes well. The only problem is to wash the bread with the hair very hard.

For oily hair, use a good mustard powder, just spreading it in the water at the rate of 1 tsp per 2 liters. Mustard removes oily sheen, and hair is not as dirty easily.

In many Ayurvedic shops for sale herbal powder for washing hair. It is also diluted with water and applied to the hair. In its composition, or soap nuts, or soap tree, which grows mainly in India and is composed of saponins which are a natural foaming agent. The advantage is that the saponins are fully biodegradable and absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic. Long-term use of dandruff disappears, the hair is shiny and healthy. Besides, over time, there is no need to wash your hair every day.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs is also good for shampooing. Good use of chamomile, nettle, thyme, series, the oak bark.

Colorless henna is very good can help in natural hair. It is possible to add essential oils that are not only useful but also can give the hair a pleasant fragrance.

As a complement to the black bread, it is possible to wash hair with rye flour, spreading it with water to the consistency of porridge.

All the above tools are not exotic, many ingredients can be bought in conventional stores. Of course, at first it will be difficult to switch to alternative shampoos, and they conduct themselves will be unusual compared to the usual shampoo, not giving a lot of foam, but the result is worth the effort.

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