How to make juice restored?

The basis of the restored juices – fruit, vegetable or berry concentrate. It is made by evaporation or freezing of water from a natural juice, pressed from fruit raw materials. Concentrate looks like a thick viscous mass, reminiscent of jam or jelly.

For the manufacture of juice concentrate "steam", is heated and then cooled. Then add water – its quantity should correspond to the previously evaporated or frozen volume. Permitted additives such as sugar or citric acid, however, acidifier and sugar can only be added individually.
Reconstituted juices a little bit tastier and more fragrant juice of direct extraction. This is due to the fact that the technology of recovery of juice allows you to use a certain amount of aromatic substances.

After the addition of water, homogenized juice undergoes heat treatment and poured into packaging, enabling much longer period to preserve the freshness and taste of the product.

Harmful or helpful?

Of course, fresh juice is healthier than restored. But fresh juices can't stand store – you can eat them for 20-30 minutes after cooking, then the vitamins in the juice begin to break down, and a few hours can begin the fermentation. Controlled process allows to preserve the nutrients in the juice is recovered for almost the entire period of storage and to destroy microorganisms that can cause spoilage.

Since the concentrate before recovery, and you're ready restored juice undergoing pasteurization, the amount of vitamins in the result of such multi-step processing inevitably collapses. So that the juice was not only delicious, but also useful, it is often added vitamins, indicating this on the packaging of the product.
Pay attention to the shelf life of the juice, as the storage content of vitamins and minerals in a natural way reduced in the first six months after production of the amount of nutrients in the juice as possible.

The quality of the raw material from which juice is strictly controlled – all fruits should be as fresh as possible, with no damages or signs of decay.

To ensure that you do not become a victim of unscrupulous manufacturer that uses raw materials of low quality, or a concentrate with added sugar and flavors, can be subject to several conditions. Do not pursue cheapness - the restored juice can not be cheaper than nectar. In the product can be only juice, water, vitamins, sugar or lemon, ascorbic acid – no "flavor identical to natural", in the restored juice should not be.