Harm store-bought juices

Juice manufacturers claim that their products are 100% natural, without preservatives or fragrances. However, they are made not from fresh fruit, and concentrate – these juices are referred to as restored, this is always written on the packaging, but not everyone knows what it means. In that concentrate much less vitamins than fresh fruit, it is diluted with water to obtain juice.

Most store-bought juices a shelf life ranging from several months to a year, then like any freshly squeezed juice disappears for a few days. In natural fruit over time, starts the fermentation process releases gases, which inevitably would have detonated the package. To prevent this, manufacturers add in the juices preservatives or subjected to heat – temperature impact prolongs shelf life but destroys almost all of the remaining vitamins. As a result, the juice is reduced almost to a minimum.

Most are presented on store shelves juices are actually clocks, but not all manufacturers just write about it in a conspicuous place of the package. Nectar is a sugar syrup with addition of a small amount of fruit concentrate. The amount of sugar in these drinks is enormous and very detrimental to the human body. The fact that drinks are usually not perceived as significant in terms of energy product, although actually one liter bottle of nectar may contain 500 or more calories (which is roughly equal to a full lunch of soup and second course), and instead of losing weight through this "right" diet, the person starts to gain weight.
Cold juices seem to be less sweet, and a person consumes more as a result, problems with metabolism and obesity.

Also in the nectar to make the syrup flavor and color added fragrances and dyes, which is also not good for health. The small percentage of fruit concentrate used for preparation of nectar, usually made of poor quality, unripe fruit, having a pronounced flavour and gives the drink acid.

Use store-bought juices

If you buy juice with no added sugar, it is still able to bring a small benefit – after all, it still has a small amount of vitamins. It is important to carefully consider the choice of drink. In can't have sugar and sweeteners – sucrose, aspartame, fructose, and the proportion of concentrate should not be less than 70%.
As a rule, high-quality juices have a higher price because they are made from good ripe fruit, which is not cheap.

More healthier to drink juices of fresh – packaged fresh juices that are stored for a few days. They are usually sold in big supermarkets, but in their manufacture may also be used preservatives and other additives.