You will need
  • - aloe;
  • - pot of large quantities;
  • - potting mix;
  • - fertilizer for succulents;
  • - luminescent backlight;
  • thermometer.
At home, under the hot sky of South Africa, aloe Vera throws out a powerful arrow-stalks every spring and summer. The length of the arrow – almost a meter. And from this arrow, the flowers appear. Depending on the species (and they have aloe 400) – orange, red-orange, pink, white, and yellow. Each flower is a small tube about 5 cm long, which look out six stamens and pistil. Flowers crowded, and they gathered in a large spike or panicle. Living a sort of "pyramid"!
Our room aloe in comparison with their foreign relatives natural – alas, languish. It is, first of all, light-loving plants. And what about the light on the window sills, especially in prolonged cloudy days? In addition, aloe is used to the heat of deserts, and Russia is mainly a Northern country. Before flowering is it? But if aloe and blooms very rarely, once every one or even two decades. And throws much more modest arrow with small flowers.
And you can still try. First, if you want to be a witness to the flowering of aloe, you need an adult plant, which already for ten years. Often grown aloe tree. But aloe Vera is more biologically active substances, valuable for medicinal purposes.
In summer, bring a pot of flower to fresh air. And let it "fried" under the sun. Don't be alarmed when aloe leaves acquire a purple hue. This is the normal influence of strong sunlight.
Water the plant one to two times a week, that's enough. Because in nature all the succulents, aloe, agave, cacti, accumulating moisture in the thick leaves, months without rain or watering. Just a common mistake of other gardeners that they fill with water your Stoleshniki. Of course, the plants start to hurt or simply to rot.
As soon as the autumn cold, put aloe in the house. Put on a window that is as long as possible illuminated by the sun. Watering once a week at most. A month purple "tan" your plants will be replaced by the usual dark green color.
In winter, when very short light day, aloe the sky, consuming the nutrients needed for flowering. And waterlogged it can get sick and die. So the two most important conditions – additional lighting lamps (fluorescent is better the special) and infrequent irrigation (once or twice a month). The room should not be warmer than 12 degrees. Then there is a chance that aloe will delight you in winter its beautiful, exotic flowers.