The easiest solution is to ask a friend what she would have been pleased to receive as a gift. But in this case wouldn't be a surprise. So you should think about choosing something extraordinary. Remember, does your girlfriend jewelry. If so, your task is greatly simplified. Today to buy some original trinket is quite simple, as fashion trends appear in different stores before holiday in large quantities. Will take better care of the gift in advance so you don't have to wrestle a few days before March 8, when the shops are too many people.
You, like anyone else, you know what's missing in the house your girlfriend, surely you are often at her house. Remember how long ago she changed the table cloth if she needs a new blanket or pillow. Maybe your girlfriend recently let slip that she had a few towels in the kitchen or it's time to change some of the accessories in the bathroom. All these little things will be a good gift for women's day.
New Turk for coffee is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, if she is accustomed to this beverage. Can be applied to Turk a small booklet with recipes baking coffee. If your close friend is a good housekeeper, you can buy her new cookie cutters, ice cream maker or the deep fryer.
Today is not a problem to buy beautiful yarn, will buy it as a gift if your friend loves to knit. You know her taste, and the color selection will not be a problem. Pack yarn in a beautiful basket, adding her latest fashion magazine.
Another option may be gift certificate to buy cosmetics or perfume, your girlfriend will be happy about that, as she will be able to choose what she likes. You can give a friend a massage course or a subscription to the pool, of course, provided that she is not against it. The friendwho loves to dance would be a great gift certificate for a ballroom.
A great option for a gift would be another handbag, because not much happens. Any woman will be happy if will receive a free umbrella or a beautiful belt to the pants, a large number of accessories to diversify the wardrobe.