Advice 1: How to conduct a graduation at the University

From the University often produced adults, conscious, having a purpose in life. That is why the memories of graduation at the University remain in the memory of the most fresh and bright. And to organize such a celebration, most likely, harder than any other.
How to conduct a graduation at the University

Basic ideas for graduation at the University

To organize a graduation at the University will, in most cases, the graduates themselves. Of course, you can bring to the organization some of the teachers, but the main burden will fall on the shoulders of the students. For starters, you need to choose a leader. In each group, and each team has its own activist. He must arrange the bulk of the work. Without a leader, no organizational process is not good.
Each year at each University the question arises on how to spend prom which scenario to think and how to organize the preparation and conduct.

Where to hold prom

The most popular venue is the youth club or café. So prom turned into a regular get-together, you need to plan every minute of this event. Must be a script. Very popular was and still is a fancy-dress party. Everyone can come up with an original costume and its role in the event. The only limitation can be called alcohol. Most importantly – do not overdo it with drinking, or memories of the prom at the University will merge into one shapeless stain. Very memorable holidays in the fresh air. So you should think about leaving the city. But already there is unlimited flight of fancy. Barbecue, fishing, outdoor sports and night in the tent will not get bored.
For a long time in the past holding the prom in the gym or in the dining room of the University. Today there is a huge choice of places for graduation.

You can also contact Agency for organizing holidays, to invite the master and to entrust the execution of it. To make room, which is planned for the prom, you can hire a professional decorator. It is beautifully set tables, decorate the room with balloons, bows and flowers. Special catering service will take your order and provide a full range of services to provide a variety of food and beverages in any place of the Banquet. The invited dance or circus shows will be the highlight of the evening. A professional DJ or musical ensemble perfectly complements any occasion.

Ideas for prom, in particular at the University, a great many. The most important thing is to agree on a plan this holiday with all the graduates, so everyone more or less satisfied.

Advice 2: How to organize a prom

Prom evening is the most spectacular event in the life of a student, so its organization must be approached very responsibly. Farewell to school and the transition to adulthood should pass at the highest level.
How to organize a prom
School prom nightand begins with a parent meeting where parents flushed argue about the venue of the prom, the date and, of course, budget. Having dealt with the basic organizational aspects, we should consider all the details.
Prom eveningtypically consists of two parts: the official and the actual festival. The first part of the eveningand very touching and sincere teachers tell me how hard it is to say goodbye, that's what this issue was the best in the school's history, someone may cry. This part is also presentation of certificates of maturity, peppered with small theatrical program.
Having dealt with officialdom, alumni headed to the restaurant where usually the guys have fun until dawn. For the eveningthe Incas employed an instructor, who needs to think through the scenario the evening,and, contests, jokes, different quiz. For the dance part of the eveningand select the DJ that the whole evening will play rousing music on the turntables. To complement the fun on the dance floor, you can use a strobe light, smoke, bubbles, colored lights.
No need to forget about the appearance of the Banquet hall, which will be a holiday. It is possible to arrange the colored balls, ribbons, pictures of graduates, a variety of tinsel and confetti.
Prom should be memorable. Invite to the celebration of the photographer who would document on film the last moments of school life. Browsing through pictures or video from prom nightand, every child will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of warmth, fun, and carefree childhood.
Speaking about drinks and food, best on prom night to organize a Breakfast buffet is convenient and practical. Everyone can choose what he likes.

Advice 3: How to prepare for the prom

Prom is not only a very important and touching event in the life of a high school graduate and his parents. It is also a milestone between childhood and adulthood. So to prepare for such a celebration must be especially careful.
How to prepare for the prom
Of course, the first thing you try to do parents of graduates it's the same dress. Etiquette in this case is very complacent to young people. For they prescribed a rule that the ball must be put on a strict classic suit. The only way to change is to put an order. The choice of the rich. Quinceanera ball dresses, cocktail outfits - you can choose whatever you want. The main thing is to pick an outfit for the figure. And then properly collect the whole image - a hairstyle, shoes, accessories and handbag.
It is desirable to find a hairdresser that will do hair graduate, at least for a month or two before the event. By the way, to sign up to it must also advance, otherwise solemn day hairstyle will have to do yourself. At the first meeting with the hairdresser need to bring a picture of the dress so master will be easier to navigate and to choose the appropriate hairstyle.
The rule "beforehand" works in the case of other artists, specializing in beauty specialist in manicure, pedicure. The Solarium is also applies to.
You should carefully consider the make-up. Prom is recommended to do gentle, almost imperceptible make up. Girls should not choose bright colors better than pale peach or pink tones. If you overdo it with makeup, the young lady will lose its charm and turn into an adult woman. And the prom is first and foremost a celebration of youth.
As for the manicure, it also needs to be very careful. Ideal for prom - manicure in the style of the French. If a graduate of the French does not like, she may prefer a light Polish.
Shoes pick up not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. After dancing they'll have all night. A view of elegant dresses, combined with bare feet due to the fact that the feet are chafed and swollen, not the best way, prom.
Just before graduation, you must take care of the body and face. Perfect tonic bath. After you need to apply a moisturizer all over body and face. The skin has a nice shade, experts recommend to apply to the skin a special cream with a shimmering effect. The skin also needs to thoroughly prepare to make the mask, moisturize. And only then proceed to applying makeup.
The success of the prom is in a good mood. This will give the image of completeness.

Advice 4: How to spend prom

Prom only happens once in life. That is why it needs to keep only the most vivid and unforgettable impressions. But in order to hold it at the highest level, you will need to work hard in advance to plan everything, to think through to the smallest detail and - most importantly - have a positive attitude.
How to spend prom

Parent meeting: the main issues on the agenda

To avoid fuss and without haste to solve the main school issues, usually in September held a parent meeting, which determined the further fate of the prom.

Key points in this meeting are:
- the venue of the prom;
entertainment and main program;
- photographer and cameraman;
- transport;
the gifts from the graduates of the school.

The choice of venue for graduation

When discussing the best locations for prom do not miss the following options.

1. Restaurant. Such an institution is the most popular place to celebrate graduation. Everything here is included: music, table service.
However, prom in the restaurant - not cheap. And parents have to pay a pretty decent sum which will be easier to collect gradually, starting from the beginning of the school year.

2. Cafe, bar, night club. Usually this is a fallback, if the restaurant is busy. The only negative - a small room. And everyone is welcome to share the occasion with alumni will feel the tightness and discomfort.

3. School (Assembly hall, dining room). Rather, it is the economy option. Unfortunately, often the celebration high school graduation is not enough of enchanting and chic.

4. Boat. The best option only for those cities that have nearby water bodies. However, if you have the opportunity to hold graduation on the ship, the evening is sure to be filled with romance.

The choice of the program prom and other necessary details

The whole evening just sitting there and sometimes being distracted by the dancing, too banal and boring. It is therefore necessary to consider the program to the smallest detail. This can be a theme party in retro style or, on the contrary, in the spirit of the 18th century.

Costume party - quite an original option for the prom, and the girls will support this idea. Further, depending on the choice of the subjects of the evening is to make a script, come up with contests, games and other exciting entertainment.
Most importantly - try not to repeat the options for prom in the previous years and create something of their own that is close in spirit only.

For help you can contact the company and they, taking into account all your wishes, will make your holiday unforgettable. But it will also entail cash costs. Although, on the other hand, prom happens only once in a lifetime!

Usually all the questions on preparation of the prom decide for themselves parents, but the children also should not stand in the way. The asset class can prepare a "skit" is a short program with comic performances, parodies and one joint farewell performance as a gift to teachers.

Remember that it is not important, where to hold prom. Most importantly - "how" and "who". More positive energy, joy, and the evening would be a success!
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