Unfortunately, to make a plane without mods in Minecraft impossible. To build a working cruise transport, you need to download and drop into the folder minecraft.jar the files to Flan's Mod. To get the mod to work properly, you must also supply the computer utility MinecraftForge. With this software add-in can do four-winged and six-winged aircraft.
Proceed to the crafting of the aircraft should be with the manufacture of the tail. It is made of leather and metal. To make the case, need a tree, and for the manufacture of wings take the stick. All items must be placed on the workbench as shown in the picture below. Plane Minecraft will not fly without a propeller. For its production requires iron and sticks.
To actually make a plane in Minecraft was not so difficult. For its construction did not require any hard materials. You can float in the air, looking around from the height of bird flight. But because the aircraft can still bomb the enemy!
To make combat aircraft in the game Minecraft, you make a machine gun and bombs. Also need a place to store charges choklit. All of these things are easy to craft, if you look at the picture. So you can equip made in Minecraft plane.