Advice 1: How high is a basketball Hoop

Basketball is a popular team games. It is played by millions of people around the world. The main task of players is to achieve a greater number of abandoned balls in the ring, which is mounted on the shield.
How high is a basketball Hoop

The history of the game

In 1891 a regular physical education teacher Desams Naismith came up with for students new game: he invited players to compete in accuracy throwing the ball, and to complicate the task and to interest young people, he put the basket of fruit to the balcony of the sports hall. Had to get there in the basket that hung directly over the heads of students.

In team competitions the balls in the basket threw not only the players but the fans that were on the balconies. In order to keep the ball flying into the basket of the enemy, not flying next goal, Diams Naismith put the basket shields.

The birthplace of basketball, Massachusetts, is known for its unstable weather. Coming up with the game, Naismith is focused on the weather; it was a dynamic competition that can be performed indoors.

Play so much to students that a year later became the center of attention at a sporting event. However, wicker fruit basket clearly could not cope with the onslaught of players and often treacherous collapsed after the next ball. Already in 1893, they were replaced by rings that are made of metal hoops with a large grid.

Features of the rings

For every gaming platform requires two rings (basket). They must be identical in size. Thickness of Hoop must not exceed two centimeters. The diameter of a basketball Hoop is suitable for it passes freely a rather large ball for a basketball game. Traditional basket diameter is 45 cm. In some cases, the allowable size increase to 45.7 inches, is the largest of the permissible diameters of the ring.

Basketball hoops have a grid, which is equipped with twelve loops in order that it can be securely. The design of the "ring-mesh" is fixed on the shield, which is located in distance of two meters from the front line in a rack. The first ring is welded to the stand, but in the heat of passion players often jump and even crash, pulled on the ring. Therefore the organizers have to resort to various methods of strengthening of the baskets on the shield, in order that they is not broken from the weight of the player.
Each ring is painted in bright red color to the athletes it easier to navigate while throwing the ball. The average ring can withstand loads up to 82 kilograms.

Basketball players are quite tall. This is not surprising, because the ring for basketball it is accepted to hang at the level of three meters, to get in the ring it is very difficult, with even medium growth. However, for students made stands that allow you to adjust the height of the ring. In addition, in special situations it is possible to use rings with shock absorbing features for a basketball game. This depends on the settings of the ball, because it can have different bounce, which is accounted for in the organization or that basketball game.

Advice 2: How to learn to jump high

On the question of how to learn to jump high, many basketball players are "responsible" a simple shrug of the shoulders. It is quite difficult, but still possible. First you need to prepare physically by stretching and strengthening certain muscles. Let us examine one of the ways to learn how to jump high read more.
You can as well, but only if you train hard
First knead the phalanges of the toes, to ensure a soft landing. Then take the ankle, slowly rotate both feet clockwise. It is also important to determine which of your legs is Jogging. But it's quite simple. Just ask a friend to push you lightly in the back. What foot you put forward, and that is your shock.
Continuing the warm-up, proceed to the second stage. Press ten times, then put the burden of moderate severity (for example, a special zone with sand, portfolio books, etc.). Now jump 250 times without a rope (over time, gradually increase the load).
After a workout you can begin training. So, start by jumping from a height. Let it be a low chair or stool. First, you can jump (or rather jump) on two legs, but in General you need to learn how to do it on one leg. With this exercise, you will develop muscles of the ankle, knee and lower leg. Twenty of these jumps a day would be sufficient. Of course, you need to soften the load on the foot when landing.
The third and final phase of your training is yourself jumping to the ring. Find a suitable site for their classes. It can be not only a gym, but a Park with tall trees. In the first case, you need to work out jump to the ring with the leg, running up and jumping. While in the Park, find a more or less thick branch at about the height of the ring and try to jump to it to get. Combining classes in the basketball section with this method, you will get results fast enough.
How to learn to jump high flip? My personal opinion is that in order to jump higher backflip — you need to teach it high flip, because just learning how to jump high, you will not learn to jump high it flips. That is why in our complex contains a variety of functional exercises moves that work the muscles and ligaments from different angles and for different body parts and different tasks.
Useful advice
HOW to learn to jump higher. Procedure: 1. Warm-up (jumping rope, running in place) 2. Stretching 3. High jump 4. Lifts on tiptoe 5. Step-UPS 6. Jumping in the half squat 7. Burning 8. Relaxation (stretching). High jump: Feet shoulder width apart. Jump straight up as you can. Down, sit down about a quarter is one jump. Note: the speed of the jump while performing the exercise, is most important.
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