If the apartment or other premises established solely stationary personal computers will be sufficient conductive device, and if you want to create wi-fi zone, the best solution would be a wireless router. Just to compare wired and wireless routers are not quite right, because they have different technical characteristics and, consequently, the cost. Therefore, each device for any specific conditions can be the best.

Purpose routers

A wired router will be the best solution to create a simple local area network of personal computers. Local area network is necessary for the organization of work in small offices and homes with multiple PCs. This way you can conveniently share information and peripheral devices, e.g. printer, Fax, scanner, external storage device etc.

Also, each of these PCs can be connected to the Internet when there is such a technical possibility. Then the total Internet traffic, provided by the provider, will be divided among all computers in the local network. A wired connection is more reliable and resistant to interference and failures.

Wireless router is indispensable in case when you need to create a wi-fi zone. Its presence is important, if the room is used by various gadgets and mobile devices with wi-fi receiver. For example, a tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc. All these devices can connect to the router, and already through it to access the Internet. Most often a router, in addition to the antennas, has connectors for connecting devices via cable, so duplicates of the wired router.

The cost of routers

Due to the presence of additional elements, such as a transmitter, the wireless router has a higher cost compared to its wired counterpart. So no obvious need makes no sense to overpay and buy a wi-fi router. Also it is necessary to abandon such a device, if the Internet connection is unstable or has a very low speed, which is clearly not enough even for two computers.

However, when creating a wi-fi zone is planned in the future, you should care about buying a wireless router in advance. Because it may need not only access to the Internet, and to create a control system housing of the type "smart home". By means of this device it is possible to manage various sensors, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, alarm, etc.

Network security

If we talk about security, the wireless router is clearly the loser. Coverage usually extends far beyond the apartment or a standard room, so it is necessary to protect complex password and occasionally monitor the list of connected to this router device, to ensure that "outsiders" there.

Wired router it's simple: each is connected to the computer is supplied as a separate cable, and unauthorized to connect to this local network is impossible.

Before buying a router should properly assess their needs and choose the most appropriate functions and cost of the device.