Especially once we see what you're trying to feed your dog. Perhaps you gave her a new food that the dog for some reason does not consider edible? Or you have just cooked some porridge with meat and decided to add carrots instead of cabbage, which confuse your pet? Also could happen that you got poor quality food or meat; you did not notice, but the dog immediately sensed and decided to refuse to eat.

Think about it, do not indulge if you are a dog? Perhaps you give her so many treats from the table that your pet does not need to eat regular food, hoping that he'll get something delicious.

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Of course, there are dogs that are ready to eat any amount of food at any time of the day, however, perhaps your dog is not one of them. A healthy dog may refuse to eat as it fed. Usually this happens with young dogs, when the owner does not correctly calculate the amount of feed needed by the pet. Perhaps your dog should not feed three times a day, and two, or to reduce the portions.

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If products and amount of food was fine, food refusal may be the first sign that the animal is not feeling well. Measure the dog's temperature. To do this, enter the tip of the thermometer, pre-greased with vaseline in the rectum of the animal and hold it for two and a half minutes. If the temperature managed to rise above 38.5 – your pet is ill. Go to the vet, as fever in dogs does not mean that it is simple. It can be a symptom of anything ranging from fleas and ending with piroplasmosis.

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If your dog refuses to eat, watch her for a while. How does it behave? Whether your pet active? Did the dog from eating only once or misses is not the first meal? In the end, even the animal can is banal not to be hungry.

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