Advice 1: Selection of men's underwear: boxer shorts or boxers?

There are many styles of men's underwear - hipsters by, slips, bike shorts, Tanga, family. But most popular among the stronger sex briefs trunks and boxers.
Selection of men's underwear: boxer shorts or boxers?
In terms of health benefits, doctors say that choosing men's underwear, the preference is to give the boxers. They do not restrict movement and allow the skin to breathe, unlike trunks. Scientists have conducted several studies, and also in one voice say that swimming trunks should be abandoned.

Swimming trunks or boxers?

Bottoms are popular with young boys and men, because they so beautifully fit male form. Many men think that speedos they can harm your health. Trunks put pressure on the lymph nodes and pressed the blood vessels, resulting in overheating and violation of the circulation process. And all this doesn't just go away in a few years, men who wear swim trunks, starting to complain about the potency and other problems. Bottoms are exclusively designed for the beach.

What boxers are the perfect option for every man. They are so comfortable that their presence is quite noticeable. Those who prefer this model, you need not worry about your health and potency. Good ventilation will keep you cool, while the soft material will save from poor circulation.

Over the past few years, the percentage of sales of the boxers has increased two times, and this is an indication that modern men want to feel comfortable and to preserve health.

Material of men's underwear

Buying boxers, look at the material, it should be natural. It is recommended to purchase underwear made entirely from cotton, this material "breathes" and does not cause irritation. It does not occur overheating of the body. Better to always abandon synthetics, underwear should only be made from quality material. Allowed to add to the cotton a small amount of lycra or polyester fibre.

Also look closely at the seams of the product, they should not be rough and sloppy. If you like bright colors, then the best solution is to buy quality underwear in a specialty store, as the models on the market, painted in a not very useful paint. In addition, the underwear is going to fade and leave marks on the skin.


Do not forget about the size of the boxers, they should not be small or large, in both cases, their wear will bring discomfort and a lot of inconvenience. Boxers small size will reap, and the large – move to interfere

Advice 2 : What kind of underwear is better for men: swimming trunks or boxers

Comfortable underwear can be considered the key to men's health. Therefore, it is important to take seriously the question of acquisition of cowards. Often the choice comes between boxer briefs and boxers because they have fundamental differences.
What kind of underwear is better for men: swimming trunks or boxers
Bottoms are a very popular form of underwear. Very often they prefer young men, because this sexy lingerie hugs manhood. However, not all know that frequent wearing of swimming trunks is not desirable.
Even properly-chosen size, they squeeze the male genitals, disrupting the blood flow to the testicles. In addition, trunks are often made from synthetic materials, badly leaking air. As a result of all of these moments may be the overheating of testicles is not conducive to male health. Supporters of the heats the number of sperm in the ejaculate is much lower. It should be noted that this underwear is awful rubs the upper thigh. So melting it is better to wear only to the beach.
Demand in this kind of kind of men's underwear like boxers. This is the best option, as it combines convenience, great look, and most importantly – they do not harm men's health. The latter applies properly sized for the size of underwear. If you have already purchased the boxers seem tight, it is better to buy another one but one size larger.
Buying boxers, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. Preference should be given to cotton, as it is the body breathes and doesn't overheat. If you want to buy colourful boxers, you need to choose underwear from quality material. And purchase it is better in specialized shops. If the staining of the tissue was used to dye low quality, this lingerie wearing may cause eczema or allergic reactions. In addition, before purchasing a boxer, it is important to examine all the internal seams of the product. In the case of gross tailoring they are likely to RUB, which is not desirable.
In addition to the numerous advantages of boxers, according to some doctors, there are still drawbacks. It is believed that this lingerie pushes the scrotum to the body, thereby disturbing the normal functioning of the testes, and can even lead to male infertility. This is just an opinion, however, it is recommended to wear only easy and comfortable clothes. If boxers reap where only support, you need to choose either a different size or a different model of lingerie.
Thus, choosing between male bottoms and boxers, it is safer to purchase a second. This is a decent option, but only if properly selected size and quality tailoring.
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