You will need
  • - the schedule of trains of Paveletsky station;
  • - metro ticket;
  • - ticket to the bus or train;
  • - money.
Biryulyovo is located on the outskirts of Moscow, in a southerly direction. Therefore, in this way you need to go out of the city center by car. To the Western Biryulyovo drive on the Warsaw highway, then turning from it to the street Podolsk cadets. To the East by car is easily accessible from metro Tsaritsyno, Kantemirovskaya at the Lipetsk street.
If not, then first to the metro Tsaritsyno and Kantemirovskaya need to get underground transportation on the green line. Further, from Tsaritsyno there is a bus No. 289, and from Kantemirovskaya No. 690. Can be reached from the metro and taxis, which go under the same numbers.
Bus No. 690
If the path is not from Moscow, but rather in the capital, the first car on Kashirskoye highway you need to drive on the road M4 don (Kashirskoe highway) to the intersection with the ring road and enter at the Lipetsk street.
From the area of Biryulyovo West you can drive on the same highway, also enter in Lipetsk on the street, but almost immediately at junction turn left. The way back is on the ring road, but will take 5-7 minutes. To the right will be the first Congress in West Biryulevo.
This also can be reached by bus №296 from the Prague metro, from the metro Chertanovskaya in No. 671, and from the underground in Warsaw the bus number 635. From Prague go to the area fixed-route taxi №609,622.
One of the most convenient ways leading to this southern outskirts of Moscow – train. She is not afraid of the tube, so just for 23-27 minutes it takes from the station Paveletskaya to platform Biryulyovo-Tovarnaya and Biryulevo-Passenger, respectively.
Platform Biryulevo-Passenger
From the region, between uzunovo, Necklaces, Domodedovo airport to the aforesaid stations are also go trains. You can ride on the Express train that goes even faster.